Olá, o meu nome é Christina!

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Hello! I am looking for a kind and loving babysitter for my two children (5 and 3), either live-in or live-out. If it's live out, I need the right person to have flexibility when it comes to hours. The children are in pre-school from 8 until 17:30, so I would need some help with the house, some Saturdays, some evenings for babysitting so I can go out and I also need someone who can work on the festive days in Portugal (not Christmas, but days like 5 Oct, etc.) Also, I am worried about the pandemic. If the schools have to close, I would need full-time care, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (would need to discuss payment conditions). We are English/Spanish/Argentinan and speak Spanish and English, and also some Portuguese. We moved to Ericeira from Spain in July. It is not vital that you speak English, as we are getting better at Portuguese but the most important thing is that you are kind, happy, positive, can play with them, make drawings, and little arts and crafts, do some basic learning activities is possible (helping with letters and numbers), know how to cook at a very basic level (put things in the oven, lol). I work from home, so I am always there during working hours. But I cannot do my job and also look after the children, that is a separate job, as you definitely know! Looking forward to meeting you and finding our perfect babysitter. Thanks very much :) Christina

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